Construction Law

An LKC construction law attorney represents owners, partners, sellers, purchasers, vendors and service providers like lenders, builders, developers, contractors, subcontractors in the construction industry. Our clients range from publicly held multi-national companies to family-owned small businesses and individuals.


Residential Construction Attorney The Woodlands

The residential construction attorney in the Woodlands that LKC will provide you is expected to have extensive knowledge of the construction practices and the legal issues that commonly arise in commercial and residential construction and development.

Our construction law attorney is expected to have comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Drafting and Negotiating Contracts
  • Project Delivery Methods
  • Bid Disputes
  • Construction Claims
  • Dispute Avoidance
  • Construction and Design Defects
  • Lien and Bond Claims
  • Litigation
  • ADR
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Joint Ventures
  • Termination/Default

Whether you are considering starting a development, need transaction assistance or a dispute is on the horizon, we want to help. Just contact us for a free consultation.