Our Core Values

The following core values play a critical role in the firm’s vision statement. We must consistently adhere to, act in accordance with, and hold each other accountable for these core values and basic standards of conduct:

Honesty and Integrity

We are loyal to our clients and each other. We are fair and honest in all we do. The truth is absolute, regardless of consequences.


We expect and only accept the best. We are passionate, intelligent, and determined professionals.


We are committed to and relentlessly pursue all we undertake.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We accomplish more together than we could alone and are willing to give more than we receive. We challenge ourselves and will continually examine and raise our expectations individually and as a team.


We respect our clients, our adversaries, and the law. We support and take pride in our firm and each other.


We take responsibility, act professionally, and will meet or exceed expectations.


We serve our clients, our firm, each other, our profession, and our communities.